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So I shaved the other day for the first time in a while and then was looking down there with a mirror. And I noticed, like... when I was little my vagina was all like contained, like it was just a slit. But now even when I'm not horny some parts of my labia and clit stick out a little, like it's not just a perfect up and down line anymore. Is this normal? Is this something that happens during puberty or did I do it to myself from masturbating or something?

Yes this is normal. Not every female's vagina looks exactly the same. Before puberty, obviously you were very underdeveloped, so as you've gotten older and gotten bigger, so has your genitalia. Masturbation doesn't cause changes in your vagina other than relieving tension caused by arousal.

Yes Its very normal and nothing to do with masuurbabing, my clit hood has poked out at the top of my slit since I was quite young, how it looks dont bother me but it can be a bit sensitive sometimes. I have shaved my pubes since they started growing at 13 (a late bloomer)

Completely normal and nothing to worry about.Check out, they have lots of useful info on this.

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Thanks for the warning Naturegirl, I think the mods delted Jenni17's post.

undefined: ? ?Thanks for the warning Naturegirl, I think the mods delted Jenni17's post.

Hiya your very helpful Michelle happy to help. And thanks for the link in your post No.4 above, It was very interesting.?
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