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Hi, all I am new to this place. I am very much concerned about my health and fitness and I am badly in need of suggestions in regards to that. I am very particular about fitness and body maintaining, but a six months before I met with an accident and couldn't maintain my diet and I had to consume more than I used to. My situation is worse now, it's more than I could handle now. I am very much disturbed about my tummy size and that is something bothering a lot these days. My friend was telling to undergo tummy tuck treatment for a best and fast result. But I am not concerned about the time, but I concerned about the health part. Is it healthy to undergo a treatment of this sort? ?I haven't tried any treatments of this sort. Will it be good to undergo this treatment??

If you aren't really overweight I wouldn't recommend it. I would recommend you however to go to your G.P or doctor to get transfered over to a nutrionalist, that would be able to help you eat healthier and perhaps you could go to the gym or do private sessions with a personal trainer?


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