I look like a bunny!

Hi girls. I'm wearing specs and my front teeth are bigger compared to the other teeth and I look like a bunny. There is also a gap between. My friends used to tease me by calling names. I would like to change my appearance. I am planning to use lens instead of specs. A friend of mine suggested a smile makeover procedure in Oakville. But how many times do I have to visit a dentist for undergoing this procedure? Is this procedure very expensive??

I don't know your age, but your face will likely get fuller as you age, and feaures that bother you now, will likely come into harmony of proportion with time, or it will just stop bothering you. Cosmetic dentistry is always expensive, and it often isn't good for your oral health, and it may not hold up over time. Don't do anything unless your regular dentist says that you have a bite problem that will certainly lead to jaw problems. Many guys find a gap in front very sexy. I have two gfs with noticeable gaps, and guys are always sniffing around them. I haven't discussed their teeth with them, but they look good to me, and they don't seem to mind their own teeth. We may as well like what we have.

Thank you Farg1997 for sharing this.


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