Natural hair is ugly ?

Alright sorry for the clickbait title.

I decided to go natural and I've tried several times but it was hard especially at school where people would laugh at my bantu knot outs or say "You need relaxers" when my hair wouldn't blend. I literally felt terrible because my hair texture isn't something I can control. I just came home from the salon after having all the relaxer cut out of my hair and my mom said "This is what you had me pay for!.You look like garbage and you're going to go take passport photos like this."?

I don't know how to embrace my hair. It's seem that even from a young age the only time I ever got compliements on my hair was when it was straight.

Is there anybody on here who has gone natural??

I keep my hair natural and I love it. I get more compliments when I've done something with it -- you know, straightening or curling -- but I think the compliments are more about noticing the effort you put into it, not the look itself. If people assume you worked hard for that style or paid a lot of money for it, they'll probably say something nice. If it's just natural, it's, like, not worth mentioning.

But DAMN your mom's comment was rude!! And the comments from people at your school. Christ. Cuz actually, bantu knot outs are adorable. Of course, not everyone's going to share that opinion, but your opinion is the only one that matters. All they can do is watch helplessly as you strut with that perf hair :3


Thank you for your kind words. My hair is short now and it's hard to find confidence but I'm trying. What does agender mean?

If you want to go natural because it's what you want and you're comfortable, that's great but don't do it because other people are putting you down. My experience is whether I wear it natural, with braids, with weave etc., people made fun of me - I was called Medusa for my braids. Aim to do your hair to make you feel good - consider convenience and style. I'm not gonna tell you that having people compliment your hair isn't nice but to each there own.


No prob:) Just keep at it gurl, you're doing awesome.

Agender means I'm not male or female, mentally. So I do girly things and boyish things, and I don't put a gender on my personality:) Physically, I am a girl though.


Thanks so much for the advice. I'll be sure to remember that to build my confidence. I'm looking for styles to do that I'll like.

About your hair, people who mind don't matter, and people who matter don't mind. If you like it, ignore what other people say, positive or negative. It's your hair, and it should match your tastes.

I've decided to go natural a couple months ago and at first my hair was waves but lately my curls are so springy and curly, my mom really didng Want me to go natural because of the cost of curly hair products and she would constantly say your hair looks gross I don't know why you do this and she still says this but I love the way my roots are growing, I love the way my hair looks on me even tho I've had my frustration with it . At least the end of the day you can look around at all the people who have straight hair and always use a curling iron, and think at least my curls are real!

No. Natural hair is always better.

Oh and by the way one of my favorite natural yet affordable curly hair brand is Shea Moisture! If u already didn't know about them

Oh, no!
Natural hair is beautiful
But some kinds of amazing hair colors are good for you if you want to?stand out from others

Growing up in the black community, it is very hard to embrace the natrual you. Black people especially-women have always been TAUGHT that we are not good enough. ?I am currently natural and have been for about 2 years. ?I got perms vaguely but stopped in hs because they started to make my hair fall out. ?So I continued to just straightened my hair. ?Overtime my curls became completely heat damaged and my hair was long (bra strap length) but it didn't curl. ?So I took the step to cut all of my hair off and start over and honestly it was one of the most best and rewarding decisions I have ever made. ?Us, black people you have to think, why are we the only people on earth whose hair rises to the sun? Why are we diifferent? Because we are special. And I am not saying this to shame straighter textures because all hair is beautiful if it is healthy, but I am saying this because as a society we were taught to hate ourselves and unfortuantely it passed down generations from slavery because that is the only way they could make us love them and want to be anything but us by hating ourselves and our beauty. ?So remember, our creator makes no mistakes. ?You are beautiful. If no one else sees it you have too.

We think natural isnt beautiful but often we look better natural.? Maybe its because of all the commercials we see?

Natural hair looks best.

I agree with the otthers, It's Natursl for me.


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