Will I be able to change my body shape?

Hey all! So, it's another weight loss question. I've been round from childhood. Never got to be thin. But, I'm not obese for sure. It's just that I've got the curves, quite too much. So, what do I do? I've tried everything. Excercises, diet, yoga everything. But nothing reacts that well. Some says that it's my body shape and I should remain like that. But I want to change. I seriously envy all my slim figured friends. How do I get a body shape like them? Please advice.

There's not much you can do about your body shape, unfortunately. But at some point you will probably learn to love it. As a slim-figured girl, I absolutely hated my body for a long time. I have teensy boobs and hardly any curves. It was hard to feel sexy or pretty for a while, but now I finally embrace my figure. I don't even know what changed; somehow, I gradually started to appreciate it. There are goods and bads in every body type, but I guess on some level, it's not that important. The grass is always greener and all that. We're all superhot in diff ways :3

i'm curvy too and i used to envy my super stick thin friends. now i dont. honestly, its really all down to genetics and girl you were blessed! every body is beautiful. learn to appreciate your God-given banging body and start to see it as a blessing instead of a curse :)?

over hear i some real curves and am so proud of them...

I've been the same, always hating my body, feeling physically sick when I had to go out.?
And it's only recently that I've started to accept myself.?
Dont hate yourself, you need to be healthy. Who gives a hoot what you're body looks like? As long as you're feeling good on the inside!
Start walking, endorphins are great. Start taking hot baths and pampering yourself. Learn to ?accept that this is you're body, and you can either flaunt it's, or hide it!?
Buy clothes that you think you shouldn't wear, make them bold and bright! Cut/dye your hair like you've always wanted and wear so much of your favorite perfume that you can smell it in your skin the next day!?
Be happy and you'll always be beautiful!

Hey hi.. I know everyone wants a perfect body shape. Me and my sister are also very peculiar about our body shape. We never take fat or oily food stuffs. I will share my sister's ideas that she used to get a perfect body. I hope I am not too late in helping you out as I think my suggestion will be useful to you throughout your life. My sister found on the internet about the programme fitness program. This program helped her a lot to get a good body shape. Also, it is necessary to take a balanced meal, eat properly portioned meals, cut sugar, salt, and unhealthy fat from your diet.


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