Is anyone really super comftorable walking around in a bikini or one piece? I'm not fat and I run and all that but I'm still not comftorable walking around in a swimsuit without having a towel or shorts on or something and is that just me or what? 

I'm totally comfortable doing that.

I'm ok wearing a bikini on the beach

I've worn a bikini to the beach before and have mixed feelings about it ,you like that you look good but wonder what others think so you don't fully enjoy yourself):

Personally I don't really like bikinis. There's a lot of people looking at you and while you're wearing a bikini you're putting even more on show to creepy guys, not really what I want for myself!

I am ok with it but there are times when I have felt awkward like when I noticed people looking or when I wasnt around other people who were also in bathing our suits.

what about hot guys instead of creepy guys checking you out when you wear a bikini? Does that bother you?

foxeejanis:what about hot guys instead of creepy guys checking you out when you wear a bikini? Does that bother you? 

Yes actually, it kinda does. I don't care if they're attractive or creeping looking it still just creeps me out when I see men, usually older than me, staring at me when I'm in a bikini. :)

It's fine I'm not too comfortable either with my swimsuit but I heard that if you wear plain colours you will be less noticed. Or to flatter your body you can wear bright, colourful swimsuits. Find a swimsuit you really like and try to get out of your comfort zone. Try a one piece and slower adjuste to a two piece. And sure, if you only got the chance to go swimming without shorts once. You still tried! Good luck!

I have no problem if I'm in the beach but it could be strange if I wear my bikini to go to the movies lol

I don't like bikinis because pretty much all of my fat is on my stomach so it's not flat, but i don't mind wearing swimsuits

I need to go around a lot in a swimsuit because of my swim team practice every week, so I've sort of gotten used to it but I still don't feel fully comfortable with it.. I actually do like most parts of my body and it feels sort of exciting to see boys looking at me, but I would feel *much* more comfortable with it if I would not always get that unconscious bad feeling when I feel them staring at my chest and I know they are staring at my boobs, or more like the place where you are *supposed* to have boobs.. It was really horrible when I was 12-13, now it's better but I'm still quite flat and whenever I see some boys looking at my boobs I just get that nasty feeeling because I'm sure they are staring at my tiny boobs and secretly wondering what's wrong with me? :( Again, with my family I don't really care if they see me in a bikini, but on beaches and other public places I feel much more insecure wearing a bikini.

i dont mind wearing a bikini in public. only problem is when it gets wet you can sort of see that i have a cameltoe..

I actually love wearing a bikini or one piece out in public. It's the closest I can get to showing off the goodies without really showing anything. I do go one piece when I'm with my family though, so my parents don't get all nervous about it.

Almost all of the girls love wearing a bikini on a beach. I also love to wear bikini out in public one various events like pool party, cruise ship party and many more. In comparison to swimsuit, bikini gives the chance to flaunt the body shape. And this time I am going to shop it from dollboxx, as suggested by my friend because the store contains a huge variations in designs in bikini tops and bottoms.

I'm totally comfortable doing that


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