Problems with my teeth

First off, that may be a bit of an understatement... Secondly, here's an interesting little tidbit: Did you know braces can be really bad for your teeth. With proper dental hygiene, you can avoid any real damage, that's true, to an extent. I have had my braces on for a really long time, never mind how long or why, that's a long story I'm not getting into here. Just suffice to say that I'm probably setting a new record. But a lot has happened in the past couple years that just accelerated the damage the metal was already inflicting.

You see, for the longest time, I had a bit of a drug problem, and if there's one thing drugs are good at doing, it's making you not care about anything. I showererd regularly, shaved occasionally, but almost never brushed my teeth and that's not a good thing. What should have been just a few cavities though turned into a major mess that has left my teeth in a horrendous state. I finally got over my drug problem (mostly) and I brush my teeth three times a day now, but it's true little too late. The damage has been done.

The damage used to not be so bad, as long as I didn't smile real big, you wouldn't even notices, but I'm far past that part now and just opening my mouth to talk makes me feel horrible.

most are too far gone for conventional methods to work to fix them. I'm afraid that dentures may be the only alternative. And that's why I haven't been to the dentist in ages, I'm terrified he'll confirm that fear. I'm only 22 people. And it is mostly my fault, I know that, but it hardly matters. What man would want a girl who has false teeth at the age of 22? What man would want a girl with teeth like mine at all? 

It's getting to the point that I can't even eat some of my favorite foods because it hurts to eat them. I feel like such an idiot and I wish I could go  back and change it, but that's impossible. I'm ashamed of my teeth, and I try my best to keep other people from seeing them which isn't working so well. 

I need to go to the dentist but I'm so scared. What can I do to cope with this and help myself come to terms with it? Am I the only one who has to deal with this? Because I feel like there can't be another person in the world around my age this stupid.

Dentures at the age of 22... Well if that doesn't make me everyone's dream girl, I don't know what will...

I went to technical school with a girl who was dealing with the exact same thing. Her front two teeth were missing and the rest were very damaged. She was also very young. She did eventually go to the doctor and got partial dentures and she looked amazing with them, you couldnt even tell and her confidence increased a lot!
I think you should just go to the dentist and let them help you too.

I guess I'm kinda being a baby about this actually, but I can't help it. So much importance is placed on teeth. How white they are. How straight. And people look down on you if your teeth aren't pretty or if you're missing teeth. Sure, maybe most people wouldn't even know I had dentures, but some would. My boyfriend would... It seems stupid to be so worried that he would think less of me if I had dentures because he loves me and he says he wants to marry me and he hasn't said anything, but I know he's noticed how bad my teeth are... To an extent anyway. He's in the navy and my teeth were in pretty bad shape the last time he was home on leave, and I know he noticed that, but since then, they've gotten much worse, I'm now missing one of my front teeth, and I wasn't before. 

Like I said, I know he's noticed, he'd have to be blind not to, and I keep wanting to bring it up and talk to him about it, but I always find some excuse not to. It's not him, I trust him, but I've grown so accustomed to trying to hide my teeth that I can't even handle a conversation about them. Just typing this now is killing me and I'm still kicking myself for posting this in the first place. Aknowledging them makes the problem real, you know? And maybe it's childish, but I still wish I could pretend it wasn't. The only reason I posted this in the first place is because someone finally decided to point out how bad my teeth were and state that I'd probably need dentures. 

So there's the second problem, when and how do I tell my boyfriend? fml

I really doubt that telling him is going to be a big deal. Obviously he can see the current damage and most likely isn't going to be surprised when you tell him that you want to get it fixed. Because if you continue to ignore your teeth its just going to get worse.
Ignoring it wont make it go away.

alegnatm:I really doubt that telling him is going to be a big deal. Obviously he can see the current damage and most likely isn't going to be surprised when you tell him that you want to get it fixed. Because if you continue to ignore your teeth its just going to get worse.
Ignoring it wont make it go away. 

Oh how much easier life would be if only it would...

If you take care of braces, they do help a lot. Even with some relatively minor damage or discomfort, the benefit of braces far outweighs the issues. If you were abusing drugs, you probably weren't a good candidate for braces to begin with. It takes dedication and responsibility to care for braces properly, as you've clearly found out wasn't a joke. Arguably, though, the fact that you hardly ever brushed your teeth (for what I'm assuming was probably years, because you've avoided saying how long you've had braces) would have lead to SERIOUS oral health issues regardless of whether or not you had braces. 

If you've had braces, you should have been going into the dentist all along. At least then, maybe they could have managed the care of your braces and intervened sooner. Right now, the options you have left are to continue allowing the teeth to literally rot out of your skull, or face the music and get the dental work you need while there's still something to be done. Furthermore, there is a direct link between oral health and the health of your entire body. If you get an infection in your mouth, it's extremely easy for it to spread to your heart and affect your entire body. Along with drug abuse and poor oral health comes an increased risk for heart disease and even infections in your heart. Believe it or not, taking care of your teeth is a life and death matter. 

Dentures may not be necessary, because that would involve extensive extractions (although, you may end up needing that anyway). They may be able to do permanent implants, but the problem you'll run into is that you probably have extensive gum disease so that'll need to be treated too. The problem is real, whether you get it taken care of or not. Your teeth are rotting and falling out. Your boyfriend isn't stupid and I'm sure he's noticed. Not to mention that there is no possible way that your breath isn't rancid. Tissue death and bacteria will do that. Honestly, your life is at stake here, and if you let it continue to get worth, it's only a matter of time before you get a nasty infection that becomes an even bigger issue than you've got right now. Call and set up an appointment. Go get your teeth fixed. 

I've completely kicked the drug habit, I've been clean for a while now. And I'm now checking out local dentists, seeing which ones will accept my insurance and so forth, asking coworkers about the dentists they use. I'm making an effort now. Hopefully all goes well.

A healthy smile makeover, which may include dental implants, always begins with treating underlying oral health conditions. Teeth replacement comes when your gums and bones are healthy enough to support even mini dental implants.
Dental implant treatment has a success rate that is often in excess of 95% but the key to a good prognosis lies in choosing a best dental implant specialist for your treatment. Although many dentists now supply dental implants they may have only completed a short course in this type of oral surgery, concentrating on just one type of implant system.


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