Nipples got bigger?? Please help.

I noticed on Saturday night that my nipples got bigger! The nipple itself is slightly bigger, my areola is puffier and larger in circumference, and my montgomery glands are way way way more prominent than ever before. This seemed to happen practically overnight. I didn't notice any changes before my shower Saturday night and I noticed just as I was looking in the mirror and getting dressed.


Everything I've read says that it's a symptom of pregnancy, but I'm going to say that my chances of being pregnant are quite slim. I got my period about 3 weeks ago and I haven't had sex since then because my boyfriend is at college. So unless I'm one of those people that gets their period while they're pregnant, it doesn't seem possible. I also don't have any other pregnancy symptoms, at all.


Just to add, I am on birth control, but I'm almost finished with my third pack now and I've never noticed any type of change in my nipples before. It just seems weird that this symptom would come out of nowhere after taking it for awhile already, but it's the only thing I can possibly think of.


What could it be? And is there any chance that my nipples will return to normal? Please help! :/

u should see a docter thats all i can tell u


I was planning on waiting a bit, as it's only been about two days since this has happened. I was just hoping someone maybe had this problem themselves or some further insight. I'm also hoping that they go back to normal just as quickly as they got bigger; that doesn't seem to be happening, but I'm going to give it a little while longer. They don't hurt or anything like that so I'm not rushing to the doctor as of yet. But I will do that in the near future if I don't figure out what it is or if it gets worse. Thanks for your response though :)

well im 14 and its happened to me but my mom says its normal but ur probably 18 or so so i dont know if its normal for u

o and when it happened to me it went back to normal so i hope urs isn't to serious

Yup, I am 18. If I were younger I probably would just chalk it up to my growing but I don't think that's the case with me. The only thing I can think of that could be affecting me this way is the birth control. I mean, I've been on it a relatively short time, but since I'm more than halfway done with my third pack I figured any side effects that it'd be causing would have begun sometime around when I first started taking it. Just my assumption though, I could be wrong.

Did you ever find out what happens? The same thing happened to me.

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