Diagnosed with Whiplash

When I was lying seriously injured in a hospital bed after a car crash, I lost my whole memory. I couldn't even identify my bf. He talked to me as normal. But I thought he was my doctor. He was shocked to hear my reply. He was lost completely. He started to talk to me about the normal conversation. And one day evening he took me to a special place. It was actually a surprise for me. Everyone was anxious and waiting to wish me by singing the birthday song. But I spoiled that evening as I couldn't identify anyone. My bf was so disappointed after that incident. My parents and bf supported me a lot to recover my memory. Now I'm diagnosed with whiplash. I was troubled with a severe headache, neck pain, stiffness, ?fatigue etc. My collegemate suggested me to get motor vehicle accident treatment from a clinic in Oakville. Can someone share the pros and cons of this treatment? It would be a great help for me. Thank you.


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