Suffering from hearing loss: Need help!

Hi, my hubby is dealing with slight hearing loss. Recently, we realized that he has some issues with the hearing. He is facing difficulties while communicating. This is badly affecting his career too. Yesterday, he consulted an ENT. The doctor told him that this is the after effect of some viral infection. My hubby had affected by mumps before. The doctor told that the mumps virus damaged his cochlea. This cochlea is located in the inner ear and the hair cells are seen inside this cochlea. These hair cells do not regenerate. So once they are damaged, hearing is permanently affected. The doctor told to get hearing aids for his problem. For further examination and checkups, he referred my hubby to an audiologist in Toronto. We are planning to take an appointment with the audiologist. But before taking the appointment, we would like to know more about the hearing aids. He discussed the problem with his friends. One of his friends suggested ITC hearing aids. We are not aware of this. What all things should keep in mind before selecting a hearing aid? What color is best? Is there any invisible type hearing aids available? Please help me with your replies.


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