Sister troubled with multiple sclerosis

Hello everyone!!I lost my parents in a car accident. I was the only one for my sister. I joined in an MNC and the job was not stressful initially. ?But, later I was tired due to the hectic work. I used to reach home by 9:00 and sometimes I will not get time to talk to my sister. She used to complain me about her vision problems. Then I took her to the nearby clinic and the optometrist over there prescribed eyeglasses for her. Even though her prescription changed frequently, I didn't even guess she was having MS. She became very much concerned after she started becoming weak and numb as days progressed. My friend told me about the medical marijuana for multiple sclerosis. I took a research and read many blogs. It says that medical marijuana helps to improve muscle stiffness, body pain, quality of sleep and especially spasticity. I took an appointment at a nearby clinic who provides the medical marijuana services. Is there anyone here having previous experience in medical cannabis treatment?


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