How effective is Somatic Experiencing?

Hi, I am writing this for my daughter's friend. She is 12 years old. She has a long history of traumatic events since childhood. Her mother died days after giving birth to her. Her father was an alcohol addict. He lost his job because of his alcoholism. He was so disappointed about losing his job that he committed suicide in front of her. She was only 8 years old when she witnessed her father's suicide. From then onwards she is afraid of everything and she is in a state of depression. Are there any ways to help her from this state of mind? I heard about somatic experiencing. I am planning to take her at a clinic in Toronto for this treatment. But I don't know whether it works or not. Is there anyone here who had undergone this treatment before? How was your experience? How does it work? Please share your views and suggestions. Any advice is highly appreciated. Thank you!


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