Troubled with Nearsightedness

Heyy!!I'm troubled with nearsightedness. It was diagnosed during my college days. I was showing symptoms like difficulty reading road signs and seeing distant objects clearly. Also while attending the class I was not able to read what was written on the board and I used to copy notes from my friends. Then I took a half day leave and visited a nearby eye clinic. After the detailed examination, the doctor prescribed eyeglasses for me. I hate wearing glasses. But without any other option, I started wearing them. My friends were commenting I look bad while wearing glasses and I look cute when I'm not wearing it. Two years I adjusted with my glasses and then I searched for contact lenses. But they were giving eye irritation. My eyes frequently used to red and swollen. So as I'm fed up with the eyeglasses and contact lenses I discussed with my doctor for other options He suggested me about the LASIK surgery. So I'm planning to consider the LASIK eye surgery from Austin. I'm little tensed thinking about the after-effects of the surgery. Can someone share the pros and cons of LASIK? ???


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