What causes bleeding gums in children?

Hi! I am writing this for my daughter. She is 5 years old. Her gums bleed while brushing and flossing. I have heard that bleeding gums in adults might be a sign of gingivitis. Is this a sign of gingivitis? Do kids get gingivitis? Are bleeding gums in children a cause for serious concern or nothing to worry about? She is afraid to brush her teeth because of her bleeding gums. She also complained to me that her teeth are sensitive and she is experiencing tooth pain while having food. My mom told me to take her to a pediatric dentist soon. So I am planning to take her to a dental clinic in Kitchener for her first dental visit. Has anyone had faced a similar situation with your kid? What did you do? What causes bleeding gums in children? Can bleeding gums be treated? Please share your insights. Any advice is highly appreciated. Thanking you in advance!


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