Can Lasik surgery correct double vision?

Can Lasik surgery correct double vision? I didn't face any problems with my eyes in my life. A few weeks back, when I woke up in the morning, I saw everything double in number. Instead of one book, I saw two books. I wonder what had caused the sudden vision problem in me. Does anyone know the reason behind this? The double vision persists even when I close my eyes. I experience severe pain around my eyes mainly at the temples and eyebrows. It pains when I move my eyes. I heard that Lasik surgery can correct double vision. Is it true? I am planning to consider a Lasik eye surgery from a clinic in Toronto. How long does it take to recover from this surgery? Is it safe to undergo a Lasik surgery? Are there any side effects from undergoing this surgery? Will Lasik surgery work for me? What do you think? Please share your views and suggestions. Thanking you in advance?


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