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Hi, I am planning to correct my dental problem. I have crowded teeth in my upper jaw. This offers me an unpleasant smile. I can't live with this abnormality anymore. Also, if my wisdom teeth erupt, then it will be more difficult for me. I have shared this problem with my aunt, she suggested me a clinic in High Park for the help from?experienced dental professionals. So I am planning to take an appointment there. But before taking the appointment, I would like to know about the treatment methods. So I searched on this. I would like to prefer Invisalign for the treatment. But I am not sure whether it is possible to treat my dental problem with this. Actually, I am scared of putting dental braces. I heard the problems of those who have undergone this treatment. I would like to know whether Invisalign is enough for me to correct my dental problem. Also, I want to know the average expense of these treatments. Please help me with your replies.


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