I need a change with my body and life

Hey everyone!!I was born as a transgender. I was feeling discomfort while engaging in social meetings. I'm a trans man and I was attracted to girls. I had a crush on a girl who was my roommate. She was so beautiful and I loved her so much. Initially, she didn't know that I was a transgender. During our first dating, I proposed her and told her that I'm a transgender. She was shocked to hear this and she didn't give her reply. But later her reply was positive. I was so happy to hear this. We planned to get married soon. But the problem is I need to get rid of that female body. I want to be a real man. After a lot of research, I decided to undergo the FTM surgery procedure. My mom didn't allow and she is angry with me right now. But I don't care I want to live like a man. I scheduled an appointment for the coming week. Before that kindly share your thoughts. I'm a smoker. Will this impact my Top Surgery at all?


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