Best mattress for people with back pain ??

Our mattress has started to wear off. We have been using the same for the past 10 years now. It has started to sag now. My husband has severe back pain. He struggles to get up from the bed every morning. Most of the night he wakes up stiff and sore. He is not at all having a good night sleep these days. Also recently I read that over the years mattress collect dust mites, bacteria, mold, and fungus. And that this accumulation can lead to asthma and, allergies, rashes and other common respiratory issues. So, I was thinking to replace the current mattress with a quality mattress. Does anyone has any suggestion on a mattress for a person with back pain..???

I like tempurpedic I got to try one staying at a relatives and got some of the best sleep ever I didnt want to get up. I bet they are $$$ but I dunno.


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