I'm worried about developing an eating disorder :/

So the other day I went to the doctors as a follow up appointment. It doesn't actually matter why I was there. Anyway, when I was there the doctor took my height and weight so she can update my records I assme, and after taking them it was revealed that I am underweight. We had a good half hour talk about how I can gain weight safely. I'm seeing her again in 6 months.?

I'm 14, and I have "my mothers figure". I have a slim build; thin arms, small waist, wide hips, flat stomach and slim legs. At my mums age she was even slimmer than me actually. I'm slim not skinny, I know I don't look like a twig, I do have curves. Like all teenagers, I have insecurities but my weight/figure was never one, in fact I like it. I have scoliosis quite bad, but not bad enough for surgery and I hate how it looks so the fact that I like my figure sort of helps. I eat healthy and 3 meals a day and do sport often. I do have a high metabolism and I don't really gain weight, in fact it's very difficult for me to.

The doctor said she would like me to gain 6kg, which is almost a stone. She also said if I do get much lighter, it will cause me harm. This terrifys me; it was a big blow to me because I know the damage that being underweight causes and I want to improve my health. However the fact that loosing my confidence comes into it worries me because of how much I already hate my body because of my scoliosis. It's making me so conscious about what I eat now which was never an issue before. I'm worried it's going to develop into a disorder because I know I'm only going to get more conscious about my eating. The fact that it is so difficult for me to gain weight doesn't help at all. My health matters I know it does I want to do somthing about it but I'm just so consious of what I'm eating and how I look I don't know what to do.

Any advice will be appreciated and sorry for the long paragraphs x


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