Weight,Diet, and exercise!

Hey fellow Gurls, I'm 14 I started running two miles a day two weeks ago(no results yet), I want to wear crop tops without my fat rolls showing, my legs are horrible and are huge, I want to diet but When ever I do I can't stay away from sweets, I eat pretty healthy other wise, I just want to feel comfortable but I can't please help (I really don't want to hear your beautiful no matter what or whatever this is my personal thought and I need help) p.s. I would go vegan or vegetarian but that's a Nono in my family, so please help!!!?

Hey. I will share some ways that can help you to achieve weight loss. The most important part to lose weight is to cut back on sugars and starches. You also need to track your diet. Before you begin to change your diet, spend a week recording everything you eat. Have a healthy and balanced diet. You also need to carry exercises to shed weight. I have found many positive feedback here about ventouse cellulite and its advantages. You can also take the detox tea for easy weight loss. It will provide easy weight loss. This will also help in slimming your fat thighs and you can also wear crop tops again.


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