Marijuana while being pregnant

Hey, I am two months pregnant with my second baby. I experience nausea and I will have a severe headache when I wake up in the morning. I had no such problems when I was pregnant with my first child. I have heard that this headache will go away within some time. But, mine will persist and I am unable to carry out my daily activities because of this problem. I am going to work and has decided to continue my work until I am five months pregnant. I cannot handle this situation. I often have to return home due to this headache.My friend underwent medical marijuana services from Toronto for treating migraine. She recommended this treatment for me also. I am not sure whether my headache is because of a migraine. Can I have this treatment? I am worried as I am pregnant. Will it harm my baby? Please give some genuine replies and suggestions. Thanks in advance.

you're probably only here to sell your services but to anyone else, talk to your doctor.

Definitely talk to your doctor! But PLEASE don't use marijuana while pregnant! There's no way on earth I'd belive it would be harmless. No matter how bad a headache can be it's NEVER worth causing any potential harm to a baby. I'm sure a rsponsible doctor will have some useful suggestions that won't harm your child.


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