Need to recover her smile

My friend Jennifer is getting married next month. During a fresher's day she and Adam met in our college. They became friends and he proposed her during their first date. Soon, they fell in love each other. They discussed with their parents about their matter, and they agreed to the wedding. It made them so happy and we enjoyed the engagement day, at midnight we chilled with our guests. It was full of fun with my friends. She invited my boyfriend too, and it was a surprise for me. He dropped me at home and on the way, he mentioned about Jennifer's smile. It is necessary for her to straighten her teeth and to improve her smile. He told me about his friend who had a similar situation and now got recovered her smile. He suggested taking Invisalign from a dental care clinic in Kingston. I shared this with Jennifer and she took an appointment over there. Let me know how does Invisalign work? How do I take care of my Aligners?


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