Tooth decay- Need advice

Hey, I am Ross residing in Edmonton. My son doesn't brush his teeth nor allows me to do it. He just pours some water in his mouth and makes me believe that he did. His sister is only a few months old. Since I need to look after her, I don't get time to check on him. He is the naughtiest one and fights with me every time. He eats a lot of chocolates too. Now his teeth are decayed and I am scared about it. ?The only person he obeys is his dad and he went abroad for his new project discussions. I have to handle both these kids. Younger one cries if I am not near her. I need your help urgently. One of my friends suggested a registered dental hygienist in our locality. Has anyone been there? How was your experience? Is there any treatment for the affected tooth? Kindly share your views. Thanking you in advance.

As baby teeth are gradually lost, they are replaced by the permanent adult teeth. Some people are lucky enough to have teeth that come through at the right angle, and with the correct spacing, but this isn't always the case. All too often teeth can come through crooked, or they can be overlapping or crowded.
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