I am Margaret from Toronto. I am a chef and a foodie person too. I love having food and it makes me happy. Chocolates are my favorites and without thinking of the calories I have them. It's like I am addicted to chocolates. Since young, I have a lot of food but was too lean. But now even if I drink water I become obese.? My husband is a model and he doesn't like me getting fatter. He complains about it every time and doesn't take me to parties with him. Recently, my friend saw him having sex with another girl in a hotel.
Every day we used to fight talking about it. It made me depressed and there was a huge gap between us. Finally, we got divorced. He left me because of my appearance.
I controlled my addiction and stopped having food. I need to be a perfect figure and take revenge on him. Then I heard about liposuction and I am thinking of doing it within days. I need your suggestions. Is the procedure painful? Are there any risks? Please do share your opinions.

Hi, margare 01

So sorry to hear that!
You should reconsider a non-surgical procedure such as body sculpting. It is a non-invasive treatment and the results are amazing.
My advice is that you do your research and pick a reliable clinic to do so. Drink more water and improve your health and you will feel much better in no time!


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