Weird tunnel in boob that you can stick tweezers through?

On the edge of my nipple, there's 2 little dark spots that almost look like moles, but the skin between the 2 holes is slightly raised and kind of grayish in color. It's like .__. But it's pretty small. The holes are kind of indented and look like they're sputtering about flecks of gray skin. I though it might just be a plugged hair follicle (seriously, it's pretty small) so I tried to take out the 'hair' with tweezers, but the one clamp thingy of the tweezers slid right through one hole and ended up peeking through the other hole. It didn't hurt, but it was a bit uncomfortable.?
Omigosh I'm so scared that I have breast cancer or something, and I'm only in my early teens! What do you think it is? Should I tell someone? It'd be kinder weird to come up to my mom and be like "Hey, can you check out mah nipple?" But that's my last resort.

hmm, doesn't sound like breast cancer, but it is abnormal. You were able to actually see the tweezer on the oter side? (like, the actual instrument, no skin poking through? Have you ever had your nipples pierced before?


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