Tampon trouble!

A few weeks ago I tried my first tampon i got it right and it was comfortable for the first 2hours but when I took it out I had a traumatic experience, it got stuck, it took me 30 minutes of pain to get it out,I'm scared to use one again!!!
im 14 btw


May I ask if this is your first time using a tampon? If so tampons are always tricky the first time someone uses them and it's nothing to worry about. Have you tired other brands and sizes? Maybe you're wearing the wrong brand or size...different brands and different sizes work for different people.


​I tried today no problems inserting ot removing,idk maybe it was the river I went into the first time. Tysm

If this happens again (pain while removing), try to relax - take deep breathes, sit on the toliet for a moment, and don't panic. It sounds like when you went swimming the tampon expanded a little more from the water, and it was bigger than you expected - it's easy to get nervous and 'clench up' your muscles, even unconsciously - which in turn can really hurt, especially when you're stil getting used to tampons!

Additionally, I usually wear a panty liner, and wait until there is a little bit of blood (you will also know the tampon is 'full' usually when a litle blood starts to go down onto the tampon string). Having a tampon that is more saturated means it wont' be 'dry' when pulling it out - which can be painful even years after using tampons!

You might also wanted to continue to use light / regular tampons and avoid super or super plus tampons when still new to them. The more absorbant tampons can hold more, meaning less changes, BUT they are bigger and expand more, so stay with the light or normal ones until you are comfortable with the process.


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