Thinking about switching to a menstrual cup

Hi guys. About six months or so ago, I had my period return to normal after giving birth to my thirteen month old little girl. I had tried going back to using tampons and have successfully. But a friend was telling me that she had switched to using menstrual cups and she loves hers and is encouraging me to try it for myself. How hard are they to use and what has your experience been using them?

All I can say is try them for yourself and see how they work. Everyone has a different body and has different experiences with different things. Me personally I have a tight vagina so I don't use them and use washable pads I buy off amazon.?

Menstrual cups definitely have a learning curve. Took me 6-8 months before I starting using it semi-regularly (after one or two attempts left me panciked!), and I now use it most cycles except for my heaviest day - I find it's easier to monitor/change tampons, especially when at work, to avoid leaks or a big mess.

Aside from the learning curve I've been very happy with it - once you get a good seal, it doesn't leak and can hold quite a bit of flow. I've only leaked twice, and both times could feel that I was leaking a little and able to go to the bathroom and remove/reinsert it properly. I use liners since there always will be a little blood leftover after inserting, no matter how well you wipe. I find it's very comfortable once inserted, I literally dont feel it at all, and like that it doesn't make me feel 'dry' like tampons, especially on lighter days. Since it doesn't absorb anything, it's also perfectly safe to use on super light days, or even if you're expecting your period and not wanting to worry about not being able to get to a bathroom. Awesome!

I find that removing / reinserting ti can be a a little messy - I've got a pretty good hold of removing it, dump in toliet, but then trying to wipe yourself, wipe the cup enough so you don't get any blood drops anywhere, and then getting over to a sink to rinse it out can still be very awkward, as your hands will get a little blood on them. Again, if you're in your own home makes it much easier - my work bathrooms are individual so I had a sink right there, and I've only had to change it in a shared bathroom w/ stalls one - that time I just used TP to wipe it up as best as I could, then reinserted and thankfully was a very light day.

As I said, I still use some amount of tampons/pads, but LOVE that my overall waste has cut down so much - also saving me money! Most menstrual cups can cost $25-30, but they then will last for years. Same goes for not worrying about 'is this my last tampon?!' as you're rummaging through your purse, as you just rinse and reuse.

Let me know if you have specific questions, I'd be happy to answer! There are some good reviews online that compare cup types / shape / fit - I decided to buy and use UK's Mooncup (sold as MCUK in the US) - can order via their website.?

Hi, girls!
I noticed that menstrual cups are a thing right now :)

Did you advise?with your gynaecologist before trying to put it?
I am a little?scared:(



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