Nipple Piercing Help

Not sure if I can find the answers here but... my nipple piercings of 7 months started hurting again. Sometimes its just one nipple, sometimes its both, sometimes (especially if I wear a tight bra) the whole breast feels kinda tender. I've been to a piercing once and was told that maybe I was having an allergic reaction and switched out my bars, nothing has changed. I've read up what the possible signs of infection are and other than the on and off boob/nipple pain I don't really see any other changes. ?I'm an art college senior so I've been swamped these past few months getting ready for my exams, so I haven't been able to see a doctor (even though I plan on going very soon). Just wanted to know if anyone could have a vague idea of what it might be. Thanks~!?



Is there anyway you can call a non-emergency medical line and have them answer this question right away? Here we have this thing called Health Links a non-emergency medical line in which doctors answer medical questions right away and I was wondering if you had a simillar set up where you are. If so call them and describe the issue.?


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