Nose Piercing FAIL

Hey guys. So Valentines Day I got my nose pierced. 3 days ago my nose ring fell out when I was sleeping and it would not go back in. I tried lubing the ring. I tried hot and cold compressions incase it was swolen. It will not go through. I tried to go outside in to see if that would help and it still stops before exiting the hole inside my nose. So I bought another ring a 20 guage hoop and it wont go in either. No matter what I do I cannot get a ring in my nose. So I thought maybe I should get a earring and put it in my nose until I can see if I can get something other then a hoop or hook nose rings would ?go through. Earring went in perfectly. No blood, No pain. Nothing. So ?I was thinking maybe a fishtail or a bone would go through. Idk what to do yall. Anybody have any tips, Should a nose bone or fishtail be easier to get in? Help


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