Closed up piercing? Please help!

Hi gurls,

I have had my ear lobes pierced since I was 7 and have never had any issue with them so in June this year I decided to have my seconds done. I was super happy with the way they looked but I always had problems with them despite cleaning them properly, wearing surgical grade stainless steel and only changing them once a couple of weeks ago to another high-quality pair of studs. Last week they started to become quite sore and red and there was some pus coming out of them so I decided to take the earrings out and replace them with a clean pair. However, when I took them out my ears really hurt and they bled a little bit so I decided to leave them alone for a while. 4 days later, 20 saline solutions and a whole lot of antiseptic spray later they are not painful anymore but when I feel them it feels as though there is a lump in each one. I have tried to put earrings back in but it seems as though they have closed up but I don't understand how it could have happened so quickly! What should I do? Let them heal for a bit longer, try to force some earrings in, go and get them redone? And any ideas as the what the lump could be? I'm so worried!

Your ears got infected, since you left the earrings out, the holes closed up. When you newly pierce your ears, you a meant to keep the earrings in for a month or two so they won't close up really fast. You should keep putting antispetic onto the closed up holes and perhaps seek the advice of a doctor. If you get the all clear go and get them redone okay??


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