What you got?

What piercings you have? Do you plan to get more? :3 Just curious and what some ideas x

Ahh,so you have none now and why did you get rid of them? :p

I see. I only have 3 in each ear and nose,I plan to get more but not really facial piercings.

I do as well but you know ow msot jobs are with facial piercings lol :p yeah,the scar isnt pretty and they reject easy too. I wanted another ear piercing and I dont know about third piercing to get.

Yes,but the slightest bump of those piercings would give me a bump :/ I liked a tongue web piercing but im not sure about that one.?

What about a tragus piercing??

Ear piercings im considering are forward helix, another lobe,or regular helix



No conch,looks painful lol


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