Tattoooo... Luv it...

Hey all! I really want a tatoo on my arm. Although, my mom is just too against it. Moreover, I too am a bit scared about it. Does it hurt really too much? I would anyways like to have a very small tatoo. Could I get some suggestions for small tatoos. I searched the net, but didn't find any heart touching. Someting small, cute and meaningful.?

If you want something meaningful then it should be totally up to you on what you want to get. No one can really tell you what is meaningful to you so if you're not sure what to get yet then wait until you are, that way you won't regret it 5 years down the road. Arm tattoos do not hurt but it also depends on your pain tolerance.

The only spot on my arm that hurt was my wrist and under my upper arm. guess just sensitive skin. ^^ nocturnalmistress is right though, if you want it meaningufl it should come from your heart :)

Deffinetly think on it, maybe even draw it on or get a temporary tattoo made of what you want if you aren't positive on it but yeah my arm tattoo didn't hurt at all and I always say my pain tolerance isn't that high but it's different for everyone


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