Information about cartilage piercing?

I am looking into getting my cartilage pierced, and would appreciate any information. Does it hurt more than a normal one? What would the best place to get it done be? Should it be done with a gun or needle? What is the best way to keep it clean and not infected? Thanks!

Go to a clean and reputable tattoo/piercing shop and get it pierced with a needle. No one should ever be pierced with a gun, it just smashes a hole into your skin, but a needle has a hole to remove that bit of flesh that the jewelry sits in which is way way way better and decreases chance of infection and other problems.
During the healing process don't touch it or mess with it other than during cleaning which you should do with warm salt water two times a day.
I've never used and do not recommend using antibacterial soap, and some places will recommend turning the new piercing a few times a day, don't do this it's not necessary at all.
Cartilage hurts more than regular ear piercings because it's a tougher bit of flesh it has to go through but the pain is not unbearable at all, it's literally just a pinch and it's over.

Also I just read your other post about your piercing, it definitely sounds like it was infected, if you are still having issues just put some warm salt water on it a couple times a day and it will go away.
Also the whole "turning" the earrings thing (like I said in my first response) is not necessary at all and could have also been the cause of your infection since our fingers can be very dirty, this is also why I recommend using a q-tip when applying warm salt water to the piercing.
Everyone heals at their own pace, 6 weeks might be all one person needs but it might take you longer so you'll just have to wait a bit longer to change them.

Ok, Thank you so much! I really appreciate it, My mom is looking into a salt water after care solution. Thanks again!

I make my own and use warm water and mix it up with a q-tip, you should be able to find some at Walmart too

Thank you!

no problem, I hope your piercing heals up quickly!

The salt water worked great! after 2 days the swelling has gone down completely and the bleeding has minimalized. I also went and got my cartilage done today as well!


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