My ear piercing.

About 9 weeks ago i got my 2nd piercing, my first ones were done with no problem, at a place that i could afford but also had good reviews and a low infection rate. My right ear was fine but when she went to do my left ear she twisted the gun, and the back of the earring fell off. They put the back one and everything was fine, About 2 1/2 weeks into it began burning when i turned it. It went away around week 5. They told me that i only need to have them in for 6 weeks before changing them, so i did and everything was great. Today in homeroom my piercing hurt so i took the earing out but there was a heavy crust of blood on the earring and my ear. I cleaned it and put the earring back in (Which was very painfull) and returned to class. Advice? is it infected? and what should i do?

Probably not infected, it sounds like it hasn't healed yet because it was improperly placed


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