Dry skin with piercing

How to get rid of dry skin around nose piercing???

Is your piercing new or have you had it a while?

If you've had it a while, try removing the stud (or ring) and taking a wet washcloth with plain lotion on it and rub it over your dry skin. If that doesn't work then I suggest getting a pair of tweezers and gently/lightly plucking the patches that stand up. I had the exact same problem when I had my nose piercing.

-I had it about a week,heh. I did put a tiny bit oil oil around area but it didnt help, i think exfiolating would help x

Do not exfoliate your fresh piercing.
Whatever you are using to clean it is probably what's drying it out. You can and should always just use a warm saline solution not antibacterial soap.

Thanks, the sea salt was drying it out but I tried new method of gently wiping outer skin with water x

Are you mixing the sea salt with water yourself? If so just use less salt in it

Yes, i use q tip to wipe sea salt water off and it worked x


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