Is a crooked belly button piercing a big deal?

I went and got my belly button pierced about 2 days ago. It looked fine when i left the shop, but as soon as I got home I noticed that it was crooked. It has nothing to do with swelling or the anatomy of my belly button. It was pretty much the piercers error. The top hole was made very slightly off-center. It looks as tho the needle was passed thru at an angle vs straight down. Anyway there really isn't anything that I can do except take it out, wait 6mos to a year for the hole to close up, and then have it repierced. I've asked for opinions from several people and they say that the crookedness is barely noticeable. I notice it and I'm super self conscious about it, but idk if I wanna go thru the trouble of having it repierced.

Hi. If you have to look hard to notice it, I think you should be good.

It could be since its new and swollen. Mine was like that but once it healed it no longer looked crooked.


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