Belly Button Piercing

I want to get my belly button pierced in a few months. just before summer, but I am planning on not telling my mum which will be quite early to get away with... but I just want to know how many of youse have had them and how many of youse have got one which has gotten infected?

I have my belly pierced and when I first got it done it took 12 months for it to actually heal but it was infected I couldn't touch it at all but now it's all healed and I can change my piericing anytime I want, I love my piercing! :P

I have been wanting to get mine done but mom won't let me. I think it would look cute to have a belly piercing. Although she let me get my ears done.

navel piercing heals long, so I do not want to do this

I have mine done and I absolutely love it and recommend it to everyone who considers it, but are you 18? If not, you won't be able to get it done safely without parental consent...

I'm also thinking about this. I have to wait about a year and a few months though. My mom said she doesn't care if I get one, but not until I'm 16. I think it's reasonable, as she lets me get my ears pierced how I want.?

I personally have my belly pierced and I went with my mom to get it done. I've had 12 piercings and this once definetly hurt more than I thought it would but everyone's pain tolerance is different in different areas. I've had mine for about 4 months and have changed the ring twice, it's never gotteninfected because I clean all my piercings with dial soap and it tends to help the piercing out more. I wouldn't suggest getting yours done without your parental knowing in case something does happen and it does get infected.?

I got mine pierced 5 months ago, and it's pretty much healed. I'm 16 and I didn't think it hurt that much until he cleaned it. It hurt less than my cartilage piercing. I can change it and do normal activities without a problem. I would say you should wait until you have your parents permission, however, as I don't think a professional will do it without that.


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