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I know dying hair isnt really "body art" but maybe somebody could help me out. From the ages 10-12ish (im 15 now) my mom let me dye my hair different colors for fun (blue, purple, pink) it was semi permanent so it washed out after a few months then my hair would fade back to my normal color (dirty blonde). In December my mom let me dye my hair brown. I really like it. But ive always been the person to like "exotic" things. For the past few months Ive been wanting bright red hair but my mom wont let me because its really hard to get out and she doesnt want to mess with my hair anymore, my hair isnt even damaged, so idk what her deal is. Im also a good kid. I dont get in trouble and I have good grades. How can I convince my parents into letting me dye my hair??

Honestly, I'm asking the same question! I'm 14 and have been asking my mom to let me dye my hair for a little over a year, and the answer is always "no". If anything, your lucky! You should just be greatful you mom let you dye your hair in the first place!😂

Don't start with your whole head red. Start with something small. If your hair is brown now, find a salon that specializes in color, and start with something like an undertone. Have the underneath of your hair red, with the brown on top.
Or get red streaks throughout your hair.
You may not even like red once it's on your head haha.
But red is the quickest fading color. So it's something that have to be retouched about every 4-6 weeks depending on how much is in your hair.

A lot of people think dying your hair damages it, but it really doesn't. It's when you bleach it before you dye it that damages it. She may just think that it's damaging your hair or something. I dunno. But red is pretty hard to take care of. It doesn't hold very well and fades quickly. You have to use special conditioners (which you would with any other color) and use cold water when you shower. So unless you're ready to keep maintaining your hair, it might not be right for you.?


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