Pain Level

Just wondering, what would be the pain level on a small ankle tattoo?

Does any one know which hurts worse.?
Nipple piercings or a Christina Piercing. I have my nipples done & they were nothing & I would just like to know how bad a Christina is compared to nipples.

They all hurt. There is no way around it. Everyone handles pain differently and there is no way of knowing how much it will hurt. Any piercing and tattoo will hurt. I've had people say that septum piercings are pain free, but mine hurt like crazy. I've heard tattooing over scars hurt horribly, but it didn't really hurt me much. The biggest difference is time. A small tattoo will hurt for much less time, and be a lot more bearable. My personal threshold is about 3 hours in a session, a small tattoo can take 10-15 minutes.


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