How Many Ear Piercings Do You Have?

I recently just got my third set of ear piercings, making for a total of six now--three on each ear. I've been trying to figure out what the average is for most people to have, but the results usually include bodily piercings as well, but I'm only interested in ear piercings.

How many do you have (ears only)?

I have 10 pieces of jewelry in my ears right now but I have two more holes that don't have anything in them right now,
I have my lowest lobe holes stretched to a 0 gauge and then on the left side I have one stud right above that and then one in the middle kinda, two cartilage, and my traygus which is my newest and I love it. On my right I have two studs in my lobe above my plug and then another kind of in the middle, I want to get an industrial in this one since I don't have my cartilage done at all.

I have 1 piercing in each ear hahahah I want a second but I'm a wuss when it comes to my ears....

first seconds and thirds (lobes) in each ear, then one tragus on the right and one helix on the left

Super late on answering this, but I have six piercings in my ear. (I have eleven piercings all together though). I currently have two lobe piercings in each ear, my tragus on my right ear, and my snug on my left :)

i got 1 in each ear i might get a second one but im not ready yet.

I have one ear peirced. I really want to get 2-3 in one ear and 1 in the other but my mum said no :( like I literally have one peircing altogether my left ear is peirced my right is not.?

I just peirced my other ear with a safety pin?

I just have two - one on each ear lobe. I kind of want my cartilage pierced, but jobs :/

I have my earlobes pierced, plus my cartilage and a second lobe piercing on one side. Overall that's four separate piercings.

jus two on my whole body :D 1 on each ear lol

I have two on each ear (just lobe piercings) as well as one cartilage piercing on my left ear?

I have 3 lobes in each ear, an industrial in my left and a normal cartilage in my right. I also have by belly button and clitoral hood done.

I have 2 on each ear making it a total of four!

I have got two, one on each ear.

i havnt any piercing :-\


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