Tongue piercing

Well I got my tongue pierced about 4-5 weeks ago now and because I haven't had any money at all I haven't been able to change the bar and they didn't give me one either and everyone said they should've anyways I've accidently stretched the top hole a wee bit and was wondering how long it will take to heal back to normal. The hole underneath is perfectly fine it's just the top hole. I will be getting a new one on monday cos that's when I finally get money. Thanks

It may take awhile depending on how badly it is stretched. When i got my tongue pierced years ago when i was 16 (I'm 27 now), I always played with it against my teeth, like most people do. And I never realized that I messed my tongue up until I took it out when I was about 19. After that it didn't heal back to normal til I was about 21. So it all depends on how badly it is stretched.


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