Fifteen and Tattooed?

Okay, so I'm fifteen and I don't have the tattoo yet  but I am planning on getting one soon. I'm fifteen and my brother is a traveler in his thirties. On his latest excursion to California he brought back an eighteen year old tattoo artist when he came back to live with my mother and I. My brother had grown up as a father figure for me and I take his opinion to heart. He'd never force me into something but one day when our mother was out of the house he suggested I get a tattoo of I wanted one. I've been fascinated by and yearning for tattoos for a few years now and was pretty excited. Our mother is very conservative though and get Christian beliefs disagree with tattoos. I however have come to terms with my faith and opinion on tattoos and see nothing wrong with getting one. I want Peter Pan and the Darling children on my ankle leading to my lower calf.  If my mother comments negatively on the tattoo of tell her that it's no more eye catching than the self harm cuts I have. This tattoo means so much to me. It's symbolic for my transfer to a different city and a new school filled with people I didn't know. I was painfully shy and just my luck ended up in a theater class. I met so many people I'm still friends with today and appreciate the story ending of how Peter Pan had to move on from the past with Wendy after she grew up and continue living his life no matter how much it hurt. That meaning I'd be proud to carry whether I'm 15, 18, 21, or 64. My desired tattoo is low enough to be covered by a sock as well. Even if I switch schools again or lose all my current friends, I'll know that I handled one of life's challenges and I'll smile.

So I can't promise any comments will completely sway me one way or another but I would love to hear from anyone walking to comment. It's long but I'd love it if you read it anyway. 

Sorry but just NO.
Getting a tattoo at 15 is a horrible idea.

I'm not conservative or religious in the least I actually love tattoos.
I have yet to get any myself but since I just paid off my student loans the next thing I am spending money on is my tattoos.
You say you would be proud of the meaning and tattoo when you are 18, 21, 64 etc but how do you know that? You are 15 or barely a teenager tattoos are definately in my opinion an adult decision. I also don't mean the day you turn 18 go and get a tattoo just because you are an adult. I think early to mid 20s is a better age to get tattoos.

Also no matter what age you are I would also suggest to sit on any tattoo idea for a long time I'm talking months or even a year+ (the younger you are the longer you sit on the idea the better). Do your research about tattoos. I know you were talking about your brother bringing back some tattoo artist don't know if you plan on getting it through him? Also make sure to follow through with the after care your tattoo will start to look like shit a lot faster if you don't take after care seriously.

My advice wait until you are older like in your 20s before you get any tattoos or in the very least sit on your tattoo idea for at least a year.

Hi, no, I don't think you should get one at FIFTEEN! See if you still want the tat at 18

I got my tattoo when I was 16 and I still love it. I think it depends how mature you are and how sure you are that you want it. I wanted the same tat since I was 13 so I thought about it a lot before getting it. I wouldn't reccomend many people get a tattoo as young as I did but it really is up to you.

No.. Get thee tattoo artist to draw out the picture for you, put it on your wall, and wait about 5+ years and if you still want the tattoo, by all means get it. and if you dont want it at the end of those 5 years you'll thank me later, because the thing you'll hate the most is having a tattoo and not being able to get rid of it , and if you do get rid of it you'll basically have to go through a scarification procedure to get it removed, which i heard costs a lot varied on the size.

What your brother likely found is a "scratcher", an amature and untrained tattoo enthusiast who likes to call himself a tattoo artist. There's a difference though. Scratchers are usually quite terrible at tattoos, they don't usually use single-used items (such as single-use tattoo needles or ink) because they can't afford it which increases your risk of catching a disease or at least having an infected tattoo, they often do tattoos out of people's basements and kitchens...places no respectable and trained professional artist would dare go. 

Getting a tattoo at 15 without parental permission is illegal and whenever someone is willing to go around laws you have to wonder what else they're going around and not bothering with...such as sanitation. I mean hey, the person who got tattooed before you could've had Hepatitis or even HIV but it's not like you need a new needle or cord cover or him to wear gloves or to sanitize anything with an autoclave? ;-) 

You're likely to end up with a tattoo that looks more like this:

or this:

Than anything that you want on your body permanently. These are Scratcher tattoos done in the same kind of situations. 

The number one rule of tattoos is:

I got my first tattoo when I was 16. And since I was 16 I went to someone who obviously wasn't working in a shop. And you can tell. I'm planning on getting it covered up soon.
But my second tattoo I got when I was 17 from someone who I personally knew that had been an artist for 13 years. It looks great.

And now that I'm 23, I'm almost completely covered. But, I wish I didn't get the first one when I was 16.

I got my first at 15 (almost 16), 3 years later and 7 tattoos more I love each one. Honestly, you just need to make sure it's something you value and has meaning and it won't ever lose importance. If you just get something bc it's cool at the moment your gonna regret.

you should wait until you can legally get one. Ignore everyone who says boo hoo no! you're only 15 and know nothing of your own life! I got my first when I was 16, and I'm almost 18 now and scheduled for my 6th tattoo. I love them all. Only you know yourself and what you'll love. But do wait until you can get one professionally, getting one from an amatuar is not worth the potential health problems.


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