pain level for a hip/stomach tattoo?
not on the bone, but on the fleshier part? hmmm?i get one tomorrow. it will be my 9th tattoo.. but idk im scared about this one.NEW MAKEUP   mmm i love ####.
My ex-coworker had one on her hip and she said that it hurts, but I think he pain tolerance is low. Since it's not on bone, I'd imagine it wouldn't hurt that much, but I can't say much because I don't have one. d: Lemme know how it turns out...I'm considering getting one there.   I'M SAM.And in high school I was a total bitch.This is Selina, my little destructive monster:   -----
Ive got one in the middle of my lower stomach and one more towards my hip. I don't think they hurt that bad at all..but I have a high pain tolerance. **** Jade;;;the cute little anxious girl;;; this man means more to me than anything. I'm made up of inked skin stretched over small bones.I like cigarettes, loud music, and horror films. "Its not something I would recommend but it is one way to live..cause what is simple in the moonlight by the morning never is"
I have two on my lower stomach. On a scale of 1 - 10, I'd rate it a 6. And I have a really low pain tolerance. BTW, I love the picture in you sig! I lay my head onto the sandThe sky resembles a backlight canopy with holes punched in it.I'm counting UFO's.I signal them with my lighter.And in this moment I am happy. I wish you were here.I wish you were here.I wish you were here.Wish you were here. The world's a roller coaster.And I am not strapped in.Maybe I should hold with care,But my hands are busy in the air sayingI wish you were here. -- Incubus, "I Wish You Were Here"  Ferris. Age 19gURL member since 2003. Edited 9/3/2009 10:34 pm ET by woodstock_12

not on the bone, but on the fleshier part? hmmm?i get one tomorrow. it will be my 9th tattoo.. but idk im scared about this one.NEW MAKEUP   mmm i love ####.

Yes, everything depends on a pain threshold. I have no tattoo on a stomach, but my friend says that it is rather sick. I hope that you will normally endure this pain.

Anatomy of theHip
One of the body s largest weight bearing joints, the hip is the joint which connects the thigh bone and pelvis. It consists of two parts acetabulum and the femoral head.Acetabulum??s a bone socket on the pelvis in which the head of the femur fits perfectly.The?femoral head?is bone located at the top of the femur (thigh bone) and it has a shape of a ball.Ligaments connect the femoral head and acetabulum, stabilizing the hip joint and forming the joint capsule. Synovium produces a vicious fluid which helps lubricate the joint. Bursa, which are sacs filled with fluid, provide the necessary cushioning between the bones, muscles and ligaments of the hip joint.The hip is surrounded by large and strong muscles of the human body which enable the joint movement. Muscles surrounding the hip joint are gluteal, iliopsoas muscle, quadriceps, hamstrings and adductor muscle.Major nerves and blood vessels of the human body also run through the hip, including the sciatic nerve, the femoral nerve as well as the femoral artery.
?Hip Pain
The most common reasons for hip?pain:


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