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I'm an active person, and play sports and run, (soccer in the summer, figure skating in the winter), but in the past months I've been having a lot of knee pain when I've been running. It seems to be rather random, occasionally one knee, sometimes the other, and only sometimes. I think it is because of the way I walk and run, I have very high arches and my mom has always told me I don't run properly. It hurts when I walk and run, and sometimes it hits me when I skate. Does anyone know what may be wrong, or have ideas on how to help? I have been to a doctor and am in the process of getting referred to a podiatrist for custom insoles in my shoes and skates. Does anyone think a knee brace or tape would help?

As far as a knee brace goes...I would wait until you have seen a specialist before doing anything like that.? Make sure you see someone that deals with other athletes and sports injuries, they will definitely be able to tell you how to keep from having pain and what to do to avoid future injuriy.

Ok, thanks! Yeah, I'm probably going to start going to a specialist because of my feet, it's hard to get proper shoes that fit correctly and have enough support.

I'm a volleyball player and my knees hurt like hell when I jump or run sometimes. I've been told by my strength and conditioning coach that it could be my quads and hamstring being tight putting stress on my knees. Before you do anything, why don't you try foam rolling and massaging your quads and hammys and see if that helps.


I have the exact same thing!


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