Does everyone have a favorite sports team?

Mine is the 49ers but I also like the San Diego Chargers since I live in SD

Anyone else?

It's sacrilege here (Philadelphia), but I'm a Dallas Cowboys fan. 

YAYYY Cowboys!  

I root for for all the Texas teams!

But I love J.J. Watt and his dimples.  

He's my celebrity cheat should such a miracle happen!  I already told my guy!

I would TOTALLY throw someone over for a chance at JJ Watt!

LOL!  Maybe we should offer ourselves in a 3-some!

Sigh!  That would be incredible!!!!!!

Chicago Bears and College Football - GA Bulldogs. Gotta root for my babes favorite team.

Miami Dolphins and Denver Broncos. Then again I'm kinda coming around on the Dallas Cowboys.  

It's all about hockey over here. The Toronto Maple Leafs officially are my favourite team. Not the best in the league, but the rookies are promising and I can see a bright future ahead.?

I always cheer for my local Baseball team, Chihuahuas!! :D Don't look for them in the MLB, they're not that important haha.

Adelaide Crows (Australian football)

Chargers....although now that they left San Diego, I dunno...I may have to pick a new football team to root for.
But I also like my local teams the Padres and the Gulls, and the college SDSU basketball team.


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