Exercises to tone butt?
Does anybody know any great exercises to really tighten up my butt? I've been trying but the flubber never seems to go away haha.

SQUATS!! Lots and lots of squats !!

Yep, squats! Take the 30 day squat challenge - look it up!

Leg lifts..

get on all fours and place a dumbelll (5-10 lbs) between the crease of your knee...lift this 8-10 times and switch legs...repeat 3 sets.

You'll have a fabulous ass in no time! Let me know how it works!

...you can also do this with ankle weights

Squats above all else. They're not especially easy to do (it's an old-school "power move"), but squats hit the butt like nothing else.

Well, squats are easy and they do their job! You just need to watch some videos and see it performed accurately. You need to learn the right technique or you'll just waste time without working with the muscles you want to make better... If you get bored with squats, here's some other exercises :) http://www.herinterest.com/how-to-get-the-perfect-butt/

Zumba is a great workout, it is a full body exercise. Zumba can really help to burn calories and tone your muscles. My friend also told me that Zumba can really tone her butt, I never tried Zumba before but I am always interested to it. I am a full time mom and had no time to join a Zumba class.

leg lifts and squats
Zumba is is fun. I love pulling a great workout at my zumba class sometimes

I tried Zumba and I find it hard at first. I keep on laughing while I'm dancing because the steps are hard and fast. I tried it home by watching some Youtube videos. I also sweat a lot when doing it but it is worthy to try. 

do ballet, LOTS AND LOTS OF BALLET!!! it really helps, trust me. i am a ballet dancer and seriously, it gives u a great butt

I think squats will build up your legs more than butt :))
Here are some links of exercises for buttocks :)

Lunges,squats, ?pilates, pilates. Pilates will not only tighten your butt but tone everything else.
It works.

Yes just like what everyone else said: squats. Also remember to do lots of cardio as well. Cycling and running are good for your legs and Butt :)

My question is that are squats really focused on my butt? Whenever I do them, I feel tense in my thighs, but never in my butt... If my muscles are sore the next day, it is always my?thighs! Does it still work on my butt :)?


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