any all star competitive cheerleaders? :) teams? levels? an allstar cheerleader. I'm a allstar cheerleader for Texas cheer. im level 6
ive heard of your team :)your uniforms are really cute btw
thank ya:) are you an allstar cheerleader??
yes i cheer for world cup out in jersey :)
World cup!?!?!im jealous..c:
yeah i switched gyms about 3 seasons ago, i mean its way more expensive but there program is amazing :)
I'm not trying to change the subject or anything, but how do you manage to pay for all star cheerleading.  I was going to join a few weeks ago to a gym near me, and the cost was too much at the moment.  I am wondering what you think about the cost of it all.
i have a part time job and i pay for half of it and my parents put the other half :)it is very expensive, i remember my parents had to take me out of it 2 years ago for a couple of months :/

Matrix all stars baby (:


World cup!


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