Does milk help you gain weight?

I've been trying to gain weight since the last week of?august, I weigh 137 pounds and I want to get back to
147 pounds. I was told if you drink 8 glasses of milk a day you'll gain a pound. If this isn't true can somebody
please tell me a way to gain weight, in a ?healthy matter.?

If you're drinking that along with everything else you usually eat, yeah it'll probably make you gain some weight. While milk is considered healthy, if you go over a certain amount of calories, you'll gain weight regardless of whether it's healthy or not. You could also try eating a lot of nuts and peanut butter. It's a small amount of food with a considerable amount of calories. So if you're not TOO hungry, but still feel like you need to eat a little more to gain some weight, you could do that. There's also nutrition drinks like Boost and Ensure, that usually have upwards of 350 calories per bottle.?

Not only you should eat protiens and high claroies food that defeanatly increase your weight


I wish I've learn this weeks ago I think I have IBS because of my overeating.

not because i do not like milk


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