Romantic dinner

so my boyfriend cooks for me often, and usually I never cook. I just don't enjoy it and I know he does. I know he would like if I did cook something for him, even if it's nothing good, so he could relax a bit more. Does anyone have any good filling meals that a (admittly) novice cook could make. I can have my friend help me prepare if I need, but I am at a loss on what to make :).?

Hope you got some recipes by this time. For my hubby, I used to cook some South Asian dishes like Roti, Paneer curry, and some variety dishes with chicken. He used to tell me about the taste of such dishes after he returned from a South Asian trip from his office. I am very happy that I gave him a surprise on his birthday by preparing all the dishes he loved. My kid also liked it very much, As a novice, there is nothing much to worry. Go, google it and find some recipes. It will be awesome if you cook along with your boyfriend.

Neither me nor my boyfriend is good at cooking. We have tried many dishes together, but most of them were disasters. We recently happened to find Pizza menus online Vancouver which had take & bake pizzas ( It was a great option. We soon ordered the pizza crust and selected our own sauce and toppings. We baked it together and it was our first success in cooking. We had a great pizza. Loved it.

it depends from his tastes some likes cakes some likes salads

Tacos are romantic af!!


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