Anyone know the Best chocolate chip cookie recepie??!!

Can someone please help me because all the recepies I try online are no good and I follow them exact. I like my cookies crisp on the outside and soft in the middle because all the cookies I do have a cake consistency and that annoys me. I love the cookies from McDonald's and Starbucks and American cookies so does anyone have a recepie like those I will be so greatful!!! Thanks

Tanya Burr's recipe:
I swear hands down, these are the most amazing cookies I have ever tasted and they are so easy to make! Just covert the measurments if you live in the US etc :)

Ooh chocolate chip cookies are one of the things I really enjoy baking. Tbh I've tried so many I don't know if I have a favourite but I really like this one:?
I like making my cookies chewy but if you don't, here's her regular cookie recipe:?


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